18th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Friday 18 April 2008

Here we are, another week drawing to a close and it has been manic. 3 big name pitches and some more cracking media coverage secured, what better way to end the week than by announcing today's Good and Bad PR

Good PR
Hello there cheeky! German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to distract people from the worsening economic situation in German by wearing a cheeky little low-cut number.

As you can see fomr the picture below, it looks like she has Right Said Fred down her top. All good PR for Zee German's and a good bit of fun to end the week.

10 Yetis PR
Right Said Fred With an Old Lady Stood Above them

10 Yetis Media Relations
Angela's Merkel's

Bad PR
Pizza Express and all other bullying restaurants who it turns out don't pass on the tips we hand over to the waiting staff. Instead the bigger chains use the tips to make up the salary of their employees. What a pile of nastiness.

Pizza Express are getting a beating about it in the press because one of their staff decided to speak out against the practice and was promptly jettisoned from the company for bringing them into disrepute, i.e. talking to a journo.

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