30th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Friday 30 May 2008

Andy's choice...

I want to start out today by saying that I apologise for the blog having so many political mentions but over the last few weeks there have been so many good political stories it is difficult to avoid them... so here is today's... about Golden Brown again (sorry sorry sorry).

Good PR
Brazilian hidden tribesters got spotted for the first time ever by a jelly-wobbler and have become a global sensation. At Yeti towers we are not sure if it is all just a PR stunt for a new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. No doubt one of the tribey's will be on Jonathan Woss next week talking about the fear they had when the chopper went over.

10 Yetis PR
A Tribe Called Quest

Bad PR
Golden Brown has got some form of new customer service adviser and he has decided that the best way to kick off a positive word of mouth campaign about him being in touch with people is to get Gordy to randomly select complaint letters about his reign and ring up the person who wrote it to talk them round.

I don't have clue if this is true or not (it was in PR Week after all), but it certainly made me smile.

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