04th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR Friday 4th April 2008

Andy here... everyone ready for the weekend?

Jilly's Birthday Monday so we may well be celebrating over the weekend.

Good PR
A dozing copper in New Zealand was woken by his wife because she thought someone was breaking into their house. He raced downstairs without even putting his clobber on and found someone trying to bust into his car. Without a second thought he chased him armed only with a flashlight (no, that is not a metaphor). Unfortunately the would be thief got away from our hero copper but was picked up a little later on.

10 Yetis Public Relations
The Copper Got his Pink Flashlight out

Bad PR
A Royal Navy chef has leaked that they are expected to feed their naval colleagues on a budget of just £1.80 per day. That is 3 meals, of sufficient size so as to feed blokes who do fitness work all day, for just £1.80. Shocking! I wonder what Golden Brown will say about that?

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