09th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Friday 9th may 2008

Here we go... Andy is back in the chair, just in time for the weekend.

Good PR
Twitter... it is hella addictive and it is also getting bucket loads of flipping great coverage including a maa-hooo-sive article in the wonderful Tech Guardian section. There are loads of brands that I really wished we could do a bit of PR for but these are rapidly rising to the top of the wishlist.

Bad PR
Weather! All week it has been red hot and we have been sat in the hottest office in the world thinking "I hope it stays like this for the weekend" and look what happens - we hit Friday and it rains! WTF? What is that all about? I am off to write a strongly worded letter to Wincy Willis... the queen of weather women, asking her to "Sort it".

10 Yetis Public Relations
Wincy Willis - Owner of UK Weather!

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