11th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Monday 10th March 2008

Todays choices are from Rich, who is looking forward to America's Next Top Model tonight. Not gay, my friends. Not gay.

Good PR
The Gold Star has to go to both The Beatles and Apple's iTunes today. Emerging reports that the entire Beatles' back catalogue will available on iTunes will no doubt spark a big frenzy, with bookies Ladbrokes already offering 3-1 odds on 'Yesterday' becoming number one in the downloads chart. This is yet another good PR move for McCartney, who seems to be the Golden Grandaddy of the British media at present - he was the one who due to his commanding share of the Beatles' works penned the $400 million deal. Sony, EMI, McCartney, the other Beatles, and Michael Jackson are due to benefit from the huge deal.

Holy Shamone! $400million would buy a whole heap of Jesus Juice.

Bad PR
Bad PR today goes to storms, who have had their name sullied and slandered in today's press. One 70 mph windy storm from Brighton commented that he was 'just doing his job', and that he didn't mean to 'rain on anyone's parade'. Pathetic Fallacy at it's most irrelevant, people.

My thoughts are with Andy, for he is soon set to board a tiny 20 person plane from Hell that sounds like it was built out of Lego by well intentioned yet drooling toddlers. The weather report makes for a very worried Yeti indeed.

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