17th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Monday 17th March 2007

Good day to any and all, from Rich.

Good PR
Bosch, the power tool company have received a funny bit of PR today, after a leading brain surgeon used one of their power drills to remove a tumour from a Ukrainian woman's brain. The operation with the £30 handtool (a shade of the normal price of £30,000 for a compressed air medical drill), was captured on film, and will be part of the upcoming documentary, The English Surgeon, which will follow the exploits of revered Henry Marsh. Come to think of it, not just good PR for Bosch, but for the programme as well.

It all went Pete Tong. Too obvious?

Bad PR
A school-girl's 18th Birthday party. Sounds like it could get messy, but never in a million years did one mum believe that her manor in Devon could become the spot for over 2000 gatecrashing revellers, many of whom vandalised the huge property before being cleared by police with dogs.

BBC Radio One is in a spot of bother today after radio DJ Pete Tong gave a 'shout out' live on air, saying the following:

"We're getting ready for a huge fancy-dress mansion-house party, 500 plus people going. It's in Bovey Tracey, Devon.

Anyone who's listening can come along apparently – just say Hi to Marilyn Monroe on the door."

The (proper posh) family who arranged the party are considering suing the BBC, who have responded with the comment "Pete did not specify the name or address of the venue, but read out details of a mansion party taking place in Bovey Tracey sent in by a listener. He gives shout-outs on his show every week and he would never knowingly give an identifiable address for a private party."

Phew, guess that makes it alright then!

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