19th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Monday 19th May 2008

Good afternooon!

Good PR

The government have today launched the biggest ever alcohol awareness campaign, spending £6 million on adverts intended to make drinkers more aware of how much they could be drinking. This first round of campaigns is being served before the government follow up with a £4 million awareness attempt aimed at binge drinkers. We should all know what we are drinking apparently, but a shocking 77% of the public polled did not know how many units were in a large glass of wine, and 35% did not know the unit strength of a pint of beer, meaning many of us could be driving over the legal limit having drunk socially, despite feeling fine in ourselves.

Bad PR

Bad PR has to undeservedly go to our home, Gloucester - what with Doctor Foster, Fred West, shoe-bombers and now a man who decided to spray what is thought to be his urine all over supermarket produce, we can't be well thought of nationally! The only saving grace was our table-topping rugby team, but even they tripped up at the weekend losing to Leicester in the play-offs, meaning that in 6 years, we have finished top 3 times but have failed to convert that into one league win during the playoffs! Rubbish.

Not this Wee Man.

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