21st Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Monday 21 April 2008

An Action Packed Monday all round... we have a new designer starting today (more on that to come later), the new Mac's are, hopefully, up and running despite having to come in all weekend to fix the wireless problems and we got some great coverage over the weekend for some of our clients.

Here are today's good and bad PR, selected by Andy

Good PR
Calzaghe, the boxer... went over to the States, got knocked down in round one... got up and won the fight against a tough opponent. British boxing is seeing unprecedented levels of public support at the minute thanks to the likes of Ricky Hatton and Calzaghe and a very slick promotions team. Lets just hope Audrey Harrison's come back does not blight the British Boxing landscape.

Joe Calzaghe
Good Boxing PR

Bad PR
Got to be Prescott deciding that the best way to sell books is to claim he had an eating disorder, namely Bulimia! Now, this is a serious illness, but as soon as the story broke I could not help suspect that it was just a PR stunt to shift copies of his book. In fact, initially I thought it may be part of that "I am half bulimic" joke, the punch line being that "I eat the food but forget to throw up"! Either way, I think very few people believe that Prescott was the victim of a food disorder...

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