09th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Monday 9 April 2008

Andy in the hot seat on this manic Monday morning...

Good PR
Surviving after being left behind on a diving expedition! This is what 5 plucky divers did after strong currents washed them miles away and onto a deserted island where "man-eating" Komodo dragons lizard things wanted to eat them. Fortunately, one of the five was a former Royal Marine whith pretty sweet survival skills.

Having been rescued the 5 did what ever survivor should do, flog their story to the press. Fair play to them. A cracking read and a nice story to boot.

Komodo receiving acupuncture to get over the stress of having rocks lobbed at it by stranded divers

Bad PR
This weekend saw the 100th soldier die in the battle for oil, sorry, I mean fight against terror, in Afghanistan. The sooner Labour get the troops out of the there the better. I am sure that the fact that the PM honoured the brave soldiers who perilled is of little consolation to the bereaved families.

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