15th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 15 May

Andy's choice of good and bad PR

Good PR
Plod... if you were a police force faced with trying to keep up with increasingly powerful cars on the motorway what would be the ultimate car you would choose? Yip... a F1 Race Car. That is what the Metropolitan Police have done nice....

PR Agency 10 Yetis
The F1 Plod Car

Bad PR
Rangers fans - two fold! One, they smashed up Manchester when the TV big screen bust in the City Centre and according to the police were "hell bent on causing trouble" and Two; the train that I was on going up to Manchester yesterday was the most intimidating and tense journey I have ever experienced as it was packed with abusive Rangers fans. Made worse by the fact that the trains had police on and they were powerless to do anything because of the sheer volume of fans causing problems.

I have been on many trains with football fans and never seen anything quite like yesterday, even saw fights between the same sets of fans at a train station on the way home where, again the Police could do nothing because of the numbers, apart from pull out the unconscious people and take them to the Ambulances.

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