01st May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 1st May 2008

Here we are, Thursday already! Andy's choice,

Good PR
Is nothing sacred anymore? Turns out that our legions of loyal lolly pop ladies are increasingly being subjected to abuse by idjit road rage drivers.

Fear not though, the government is fighting back. A trial of "lolly cams" is taking place where a wireless camera allows the ladies to take snaps of the numberplate of nasty drivers. I am not sure this goes far enough, they should make one end of the lolly a cattle prod to zap drivers, or maybe a blow pipe so a sleeping dart can be easily dispensed. Hmm maybe not hey!

lolipop lady

Bad PR

Local elections day across the UK and could the voters be any more indifferent to it?

I suppose labour just wants to get through unscathed and as such is not keen for masses of PR to encourage people to vote.

Local elections are a good way for voters to give the party in charge a bloody nose and given Gordy's issues at the moment he could end up looking like he has gone 11 rounds with Amir Khan!

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