28th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 28 February

Ho yup, Andy in the Good PR Bad PR chair!

Good PR
Grab a chair, sit down and let me tell you a little story about growing up in the countryside where every time we went out to work we carried a Mars Bar in case the hunger struck. When we went for walks in the woodland or to play in the fields, we took a Mars Bar in case we needed an energy boost. After a long hard day wandering in the countryside we would get back to the house and have a Mars Bar whilst we rested. Essentially, up until 1995 a Mars Bar helped us Work, Rest and Play and the good people at Mars have brought back this wonderful strapline, thanks to popular demand. Thank you Mars...

Their Parents Must Be Proud

Bad PR
After the Earthquake struck yesterday I can image exactly what happened in the Sun's newsroom... the editorial team sat there thinking how they could use the headline "The Earth Moved For Us"? A journo was duly despatched to find a young couple who would admit they were bumping uglies and hey presto a Font Page splash of the said couple has appeared today. Hats off to the Sun for convincing a couple to do it... Bad PR for the couple who will forever be known as the Earthquake 2.

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