29th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 29th May

Andy's choice...

Good PR
I thought it was odd yesterday when someone paid an invoice and it arrived in our account the same day (from a different bank to ours). Today though I have read that yesterday was the start of the new instant transfer scheme for banks that aims to speed up the clearing process. Great news and really helpful for SME's and maybe a few marger companies that need to keep a keen eye on KashFlow.

Bad PR
Many people rave about Which? and its various researches and studies but having had a bad experience with them when I worked in-house for a financial services company I have always been slightly sceptical about their findings. Today though I absolutely love the kicking they are giving organisations who use profitable phone numbers for their customer services. BT, British Gas and AO-Hell are getting the Which treatment along with (and I was surprised at this one) the DVLA who also use 0870 numbers.

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