31st Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 31st 2008

Rich's choices...

Good PR
Acknowledging the fact that they announced the highest profits for a British company, Shell have been thrust to the front pages of nearly every national newspaper, with their phenomonal earnings dwarfing Tesco's annual profits fourfold.

BBC News
One Shell of a Profit - Good or Bad? You decide.

Bad PR
Today in a twist likely to spark millions into frenzy, 10 Yetis have decided to do something unprecedented, and use the same story for both the Good and Bad PR stories. The 'obscene' financial success of the oil major has seriously rubbed the British public up the wrong way, with many dubbing the announcement 'scandalous'. Shell's £13.9 billion earnings are equivalent to more than £1.5m an hour (nearly as much as I make an hour), as petrol prices are at an all time high. In a manner similar to idiots who declare that 'smoking's bad for you' whilst taking a puff, motorists on the news this morning were ranting about Shell whilst fuelling their cars in one of their forecourts... really taking a stand, guys.

Still, I doubt any bad PR could damage a company like Shell - motorists will always need petrol after all.

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