03rd Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 3rd April 2008

I told you so! I don't want to use it again for Good PR, but Eastenders pulled in 10.1m viewers last night, a good 2 million more than it normally would on a Tuesday night. Fair play!

Good PR

Quite a funny story in the media today - leading British building firm George Wimpey has banned wolf whistling on 6 of its Bristol sites, claiming that the practise has no place in the 21st Century. Sales and Marketing Director Richard Goad claims that the behaviour is putting off more sophisticated buyers. He is reported to have written a memo, stating that "Our buyers know what they want and the general feeling is that women won't stand for being whistled at by builders."

Wimpey saw a chance to speak up on an issue methinks, to get press coverage and build trust for their brand!

At least fine pieces of woman like these stunners don't have to worry about wolf-whistling in Bristol anymore - PHEW! Builders will have to find another way to attract the attention of pretty little things like these in the future.

Bad PR

Word magazine has took a bashing today, courtesy of singer Morrissey's legal team. Apparently, an article written by David Quantick in March this year echoing a December article in NME could have been taken as suggesting that the star is a racist, or as the son of migrants, a hypocrite. Either way, not very nice! The magazine have today apologised, and the former Smiths frontman expects the same from NME. He claims that the NME "have calculatedly tried to damage my integrity and label me as a racist to boost their diminishing circulation." He continues, "Word Magazine made the mistake of repeating those allegations, which they now accept are false and, as a result, have apologised in open court. I will now continue to pursue my legal action against the NME and its editor until they do the same.”

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