09th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Thursday 5th June 2008

Good PR

In a piece of news that couldn't have come at a better time, it has been announced that a course of jabs lasting only four weeks could help hay fever sufferers end their misery for life! As a newly suffering sufferer, (only the last few years or so - don't ask me!), I'm already sick of rubbing my sore eyes and sniffling like a child on time-out, and would welcome anything that would offset this stupidly irritating allergy. Apparently one in four of us have this... life-threatening disease, that antihistamine does absolutely nothing to help with.

Allergy Therapeutics hopes to apply for approval to sell the vaccine next year.

Bad PR

For something that has been given a lot of media attention recently, the allowance of the following story seems ludicrous.

Apparently, alcohol helps reduce the risk of arthritis according to a Swedish study, by as much as 50%. You can forgive the British public for feeling confused about alcohol messages when such stories are printed, after so much emphasis has been placed on lessening the amount we all drink. The results of this research contradicts the Government's efforts to battle against binge drinking and youth drinking, not in the sense that the research isn't valid, but in the sense that it should not be allowed to coincide with such a push to see alcohol off our streets. Mixed messages or what!?

It reminds me of Heat's front cover - I swear they have a coin with 'slim and gorgeous' on one side and 'bigger is better' on the other, which they toss every week to decide which way to sway in order to confuse the impressionable, I mean readers.

Definitely not a drinker.

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