10th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Tuesday 10th June 2008

Good PR

Currently doing the rounds at the minute is a story of a "robot" that goes on sale on Wednesday, with the promise that she/it will be the perfect woman, both in terms of looks and attitude. It's obviously a PR stunt for something, as I'm extremely reluctant to believe that these things will actually be on general sale...! Apparently, 3000 odd have been pre-ordered, and you can customise your piece of woman to iron, cook and care for you, as well as have her made to specification, in terms of hair colour, eye colour, the clothes she wears etc.

I don't even need to think about what these would be used for in the hands of the target market if this were real...

I guess Wednesday will provide us with the answer!

Bad PR

Overshadowing the European Cup in Austria and Switzerland is the story of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the subject of much name calling and general idiocy by present club Manchester United and prospective club Real Madrid, over who Ronaldo wants to play with most next season.

It feels to me like a grown up version of the classic divorce game 'Who do you want to live with most?', where parents stand opposite each other beckoning the child in the middle to the one it loves most:

"I'll give you cookies."
"I'll buy you 100 cookies!"
"I'll buy you an Xbox."
"He loves me more!"
"No... me!"

It has been in the press way too much recently, and in all honesty, I think people are starting to get annoyed with it.

I say people... I mean, me.

Soon to be dispatched to every sunlight-deficient, 'art' magazine filled teenage bedroom if found to be real

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