15th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Tuesday 15 April 2008

Andy's choice

Good PR
Tesco's profits are through the roof and the CEO was on the media tour today speaking about the fact that Tesco is now a really good example of a British business success story. I think he said that nearly half their revenue now comes from overseas markets and this helps them ride out waves of economic difficulty that occur in one country and not in others. On a day when Gordy Brown invited all the big bank managers round to his gaff for a chat on how they can imporve the UK economy you cannot help but feel that the Tesco CEO should have been there instead.

Bad PR
The land down under (Oz) has faced some really bad difficulties in relation to the government historical treatment of Aborigines in days gone by and now it has emerged that some of the aboriginal kids who were taken from their parents and put into institutions were also used for medical experiments. Truly horrible and the Oz government is quite rightly apologising to everyone it can who has been affected.
This story is slowly going global and is resulting in shocked headlines all over the place.

10 Yetis Public Relations
Aborigine Turmoil is the Main Headline in Oz

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