18th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR Tuesday 18 March 2008

Good and Bad PR, from Andy

Good PR
Carslberg don't do PR for small business retail unit openings, but if they did they would possibly be the best press releases ever written. A small shop selling various groceries in a village placed in tha arse end of no-where got massive national coverage today. No, it was not because we did a quirky story on it but because the person who owns the shop happens to be Prince Charles! He has got massive coverage today about his existing shop stocking a new range of his royal goods. Small business owners everywhere must be gutted they did not get the same coverage when stocked a new range.

Bad PR
Heather Mills, end of... as the widely renowned philosopher and part time A-Team Muscle, BA Baracus would say, "she's a crazy fool".

Public Relations Agency
I Pity the Fool Who Plays With My Beatles

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