19th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Tuesday 19th February 2008

Today's choices are from Rich, who takes over Andy's dominance of blogging as of late!

Good PR
The second funniest story in the media at the minute (allow Andy to jest at al-Fayed's expense in a later blog...) is that of the owner of Newcastle FC and 'bargain-bucket' empire, SportsWorld, Mike Ashley.

As well as joining Toon supporters to away games on supporters' buses and even once in a white transit van, he is said to have challenged bankers Merryll Lynch to a game of spoof to settle a £200'000 legal bill. He nevertheless lost and settled, but his audacity surely has to be commended, which is why it makes for good PR. It is obviously a great PR effort to show him as one of those down-to-earth billionaires. You know the ones...?

Reports show that lads mags are failing to grasp the attention of males today... yeah, I barely notice scantily clad models anymore.

Bad PR
Half-naked lady laden lads mags (check me out...!) are losing their appeal according to recently published sales figures.

Loaded and Maxim sales have plummeted, with the once-taboo magazines losing 30% and 40% of their readership respectively. FHM have lost over 56'000 readers during the last half of 2007, with guys apparently going for more upmarket glossys such as GQ and Esquire.

Magazines that predominantly feature topless women and 'desensitising' gratuitously violent articles such as Zoo and Nuts have also lost a significant readership, with both posting a 20'000 reader loss, which equals 12.5% of Zoo's readership.

The concensus in the office is that I am wrong and it is not due to men's changing attitudes, but due to more accessible porn on the internet. Pessimism for you, ladies and gentlemen.

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