14th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday 14th May 2008

Good afternoon!

Good PR

The Turner Prize has received more column inches than normal today as the shortlist has been announced, for the fact that 3 out of the four finalists are female. The importance of this according to critics is that in the 24 years of the Turner Prize, only 3 females have ever won. I know that this next part is going to sound as if I'm trying to be painfully cool, but I don't think people should be rewarded for their so-called art - one of the pieces by Cathy Wilkes, a 'figurative sculptor' is of a dismembered mannequin limb attached to a child's buggy, meant to symbolise the female identity, with some women living as part human and part extension to a child's buggy. In my humble opinion, she's talking bullpoo and probably explained the concept after fashioning the 'art'. Now, Jilly, our design guru actually has talent, which can be seen here.

Another interesting site that will make you say 'wow' is that of an-ex peer at school - he is in fact scarily gifted, and draws commissions. Check it out here, and marvel as you wish.

Bad PR

Should have at least been in the running for attempted Good PR, but two leaks to the press have caused Gordon Brown and Labour yet more negative headlines. A document carried by Minister Caroline Flint reveals property price fears that prices could plunge by up to ten percent this year, at best! The funniest part of this though is that Minister Hazel Blears accidently gave away plans for Golden to be positioned as a judge on a TV show aimed at an 'Apprentice meets Strictly Come Dancing' audience, which would feature young people and their political ideas. TV producer Margaret McCabe's email response states that it is a 'golden opportunity' for him to get down with the yoof (not her words unfortunately...) and 'become more popular than Alan Sugar'. All seems rather pathetic, doesn't it? The Tories have also jumped on the news that Labour are to offer a cash lump sum to help those most affected by the 10p tax band fiasco, stating that Labour have abandoned 'New Labour ideals'.

A filmed guy in a bear suit won the 2007 Turner Prize, and consequently £25k. A worthy winner? In the words of Borat... naaaahhhht.

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