20th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday 20th February

Back in the hot seat - mainly to annoy Rich and Helen...

Good PR
Zee Germans! Fantastic news that Porsche has finally had enough of Ken Livingstone taxing all and sundry via the Congestion Charge and getting away with it. Porsche's UK MD has had enough and plans to take the decision to tax high powered sports car and 4x4 drivers more than other vehicle drivers to a UK Judicial Review. You can guarantee Porsche will have only taken this decision having made sure their argument is tighter than a ducks bottom.

Lets hope GrooveRider remains just a name and not his specific form punishment whilst he is in Clink

Bad PR
BBC Radio 1 DJ Grooverider (real name Raymond Bingham) who got busted for having cannabis on his visit to Dubai and has been handed a 4 year jail term. Rather than just admit his mistake and take responsibility Raymundo decided the best form of defence was to moan at the harsh laws in Dubai and how he would have got away with it in the UK. UK law makers must be proud, as should be the BBC who put out a typically dumbed down Newsbeat style statement that said, "Grooverider has paid a very high price for a serious mistake." He is indeed, a very naughty boy.

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