23rd Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday 23rd Jan 2008

Today has been what can only be described as a "rich media" day... in other words, there has been loads of interesting news about.

The selection comes from Andy

Good PR
NASA, famous for joy riding around space, has release an image of a rock formation from Mars that looks a bit like a creature walking along. When I say "looks like", in reality it is a blurry image and nothing more. Conspiracy theorists have jumped on the image as evidence of alien life forms. NASA denies all knowledge and says it is just a rock. More like they issued a doctored image to interest in what they get up to.

Bad PR
Australian Crocodile Warriors. 2 Crocodile farm hands got into difficulties after one of them was grabbed by a Croc. The other guy lept into action and shot at the beast. The first hit the target and scared of the Croc but the second shot actually hit the guy he was trying to rescue. The chap is now in a Darwin hospital recovering. Genius.

An Innocent Victim of a Stupid Crime

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