30th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday 30th April 2008

Here on the eve of the Council elections write I, Rich the ever opinionated.

Good PR

Great PR for www.reevoo.com today after they've released a list of the top 20 most pointless gadgets, as voted for by 4500 of us whingeing Brits! Here is the list, which has received loads of coverage. Do you know what? I'm going to sound really blokeish now, but I've never even heard of half the items! How the hell does an 'electric nail file' work? We just don't need those in our lives! Feeling a bit sorry for electric tin openers though, if you open as many tins of tuna a day as I do, these really come in handy.

1. Electric nail files
2. Laser guided scissors
3. Electric candles
4. Soda stream
5. Foot spas
6. Fondue set
7. Hair crimpers
8. Egg boiler
9. Electric fluff remover
10. Electric carving knife
11. Trouser press
12. Face steamers
13. Teas made
14. Mini Disc player
15. Facial tanners
16. Egg slicer
17. Electric tin openers
18. Yogurt makers
19. Towel warmer
20. Back scratcher

I'll just be going then...

Bad PR

British troops criticised Prince William’s secret flying visit to Afghanistan today, claiming that it is nothing more than a PR stunt to garner positive headlines following his stupidly conducted helicoptor landings both at a stag do and in his girlfriend's back garden. This is not a metaphor. Contributors to the BBC website have questioned how much this cost the UK taxpayer, and state that they can see right through it.

He has done little to prove against the stereotypically satirical personification of himself on ITV comedy Headcases since it's launch!

A bloody normal bloke, actually. Yep, yep, yep, yeah, yep.

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