06th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday 6th February 2008

Good PR
A really odd new item of clothing has been launched, and I for one am a little bit... interested. The Wine Rack (come back to it in a sec...) is a new bra that not only claims to help women appear a couple of cup sizes larger, but also allows them to carry alcohol in what has to be the best looking hip-flask ever invented. It can carry up to 750ml of liquid, yet wearers are being told to remember that 'secretly guzzling from your gazongas' (as a spokeswoman for online retailer Firebox was cutely quoted - who bets she looks like Johnny Vegas in a wig?) will result in the bra shrinking back to normal size. The sports bra apparently 'looks, feels and wobbles like the real thing', when worn under normal clothing.

Brings a whole new meaning to breast feeding.

Bad PR
BP are to cut 1500 UK jobs (5000 worldwide) following an announcement that their profits have fallen by 22% compared to 2006. Considering Shell's recently announced record breaking profits, BP are starting to look a bit Kwik Save to Shell's Walmart... a bit Jade Goody to Shell's Angelina Jolie... a bit Rick Waller to Shell's Justin Timberlake... you get the idea.

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