23rd Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad PR - Wednesday April 23rd

Some really funny stories about today. Andy's choice for Good and Bad PR.

Good PR
A building company who kept getting fobbed off about payment from a client took matters into their own hands and demolished the patio they had built. Luckily the local paper was on hand to film it all and pop it on their website. Unfortunately, the vid has not reached YouTube yet but The Sun has the video on its site, click here to see it.

Bad PR
Flying Priests. Sad story this, a priest from Brazil, Father Carli, was trying to raise money for a truck-stop by flying using 8000 helium balloons. He did the sensible thing (?!) and wore a parachute and flying suit but now he has disappeared. The helicopter search party have ominously said that they have found loads of deflated balloons in the sea but no Priest. So far, the initial count shows that rescuers have found, 99 Red Balloons (sorry, I could not resist).

The media is all over this story, globally, and at the last count on Google there have been 600 articles written about this.

Pic Cred: CNN
Helium Fuelled Priest

In all seriousness, I hope the guy is found soon.

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