24th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations 24th Jan 2008

Andy's choice...

Good PR
Hats off to The Government at yesterday's announcement that fat people may get cash incentives to step away from the pies and dodge buckets of fried Chicken. Alan Johnson made the announcement and although the detail will no doubt mean mainstream every-day dieters will not get a penny (sweet), the headlines and supportive articles make it all worthwhile for the Department of Health's Public Relations team.

Nice boat
Nice New Boat - Warm Food Though

Bad PR
The Royal Navy got a splodge of rib poking in a few of the papers today when it emerged that just 2 days into a 4 month trip, HMS Illustrious had to return to base because of a dodgy fridge freezer. The naval bosses worked out it would be cheaper to bring the boat home than it would be to fly in an emergency plumber. Plumbers hey, can never find a good one!

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