25th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - 25 March 2008

Did you have a Good Easter then?

Andy in the chair today, so eyes down and look in.

Good PR
The bingo industry is spending huge amounts of money to try and compete with online gambling sites and alike but when it comes to PR the sector has a good advantage, great images of elderly people celebrating when tey win big. Last night a cleaning lady from Lanarkshire in Scotland won £1.2m and is going to be splitting her winnings with her 68 year old neighbour. What a nice gesture and it also means National Bingo bosses are alse celebrating on the back of some great public relations work. Hats off to the PR team who must have got the story out last night.

Bad PR
It comes to something when the British and French Prime Minister's feel the need to speak out publicly to encourage the big global banks to fully disclose the write-downs they are having to make due to the credit crunch. Basically, they are asking them not to lie about the losses they are making at the minute, but should they really need to do this? Should the financial regulators not be in a better position to police this matter. Yet another example of reasons why people don't fully trust banks.

10 Yetis Public Relations Agency
FSA Bosses Found a New Way to make the Banks Fess Up about their Losses

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