07th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations April 7th 2008

Andy here... on Jilly's birthday

Good PR
I have to award this to an actual news outlet, TechCrunch. The site has been covering the Microsoft buying Yahoo, will they won't they romantic business story. Microsoft has been talking down Yahoo's ability to move forward a business in an attempt to get a better price and Yahoo has written a "strongly worded letter" to Reuters about Microsoft. I said some time ago that this story would drag and TechCrunch has summed it up well by comparing it to guys shoving each other in a bar but not actually getting the fight on.

The site even put up a video that sums up the Microsoft Yahoo sparring... see below.

Bad PR
It has to be the Olympic Torch balls up in London. It comes to something when our lovely British Plod, despite circling a former Blue Peter presenter who has been selected (god knows why) to carry the Olympic Torch through Wembley, cannot stop a load of protestors from making a grab for the torch.

The collective media had predicted that there would be protects when the torch started its route yet still Plod thought the best way to handle the situation was to pop up some metal barriers and surround the torch carrier with mountain bike equipped uniformed Plods.

The result; TV images showing former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq being man-handled by a load of anti-China protestors and someone getting pepper or mace sprayed.

The really sad thing is that, apparently, Tim Henmen was gutted as he thought all the people were there to see him rather than protesting about China.

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