11th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - Friday 11 April 2008

Andy's choice on this funtime Friday -

Good PR
Bank of England dropping the interest rate by .25%. This will now put the pressure back on to the banks and building societies to lower their mortgage product rates to try and get the housing market to kick start again. Is it enough to bring the UK away from a recession? Probably not, but some may argue that the Bank of England alone can not achieve this, it is also heavily dependent on the global markets.

Bad PR
How do you word this as it is quite a dodgy subject? It is looking as through the Shannon Matthews case MAY have all been an elaborate plan by the family to get money. Allegedly, some members of the police force looking into the case leaked their thoughts that the Matthews family copied an episode of TV Shameless where a kidnap was faked for money, to the national media.

None of the national media originally ran with the story, especially as the press was being criticised for not giving the story the same profile as the much more affluent McCann's gom, but today a few of them have broken ranks and written the alleged police theories up.

The story is further complicated by the McCanns official spokesman confirming that people claiming to be connected to the Matthews family have been ringing the McCann's charity asking for money to help them find Shannon.

Shannon's mum has been kept in custody for her own safety and if it is true then I think it may be time for her family to move!

All very odd but it is growing into a huge global story. This morning there are nearly 2000 write ups of the story so far.

Pic Cred: Daily Mirror
Shannon Matthews Mum

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