11th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - March 11 2008

Here we go, Andy's choice --

Good PR --
Bit of a dog theme today. Apparently dog nav is now a reality whereby if your dog goes missing you can track it using sat nav. Genius invention especially as the collar the dog nav comes in is apparently unbreakable.

Dog Nav
The Dog Nav Collar


Bad PR --

What started out as a nice PR initiative for the Beijing Olympic Games has turned out to go all kind of wrong. The Beijing Olympic committee banned all mention of dog's from the menu of local restaurants on the run up to the game but animal welfare groups are saying that this will not get rid of the problem. The problem being the conditions in which the soon to be cooked doggies live in. As a dog owner I just cannot get my hear around the fact that people would want to eat a dog, but saying that, the same could be said of Frog's Legs, Horse and Crocodile meat and hairy pork scratchings. Anyway, what was meant to be a PR coup turned into a PR disaster.

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