07th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations March 7 2008

As we race towards the weekend Andy takes the chair and hands out the merit and debit badges --

Good PR --
Sounds bad but really this could be very good. An RAF base has allegedly advised its staff to not wear their uniforms when off the base as they could be targetted by anti war people and members of the general public taking a pop because of their job. This has caused a massive public outcry today and is resulting in more people starting to take a bit more pride in the tough work that the members of the armed forces carry out. Tally Ho, chocks away and all that...


Bad PR --
So much today but the one that caught my eye was the Chairman of Wetherspoons, ex barrister Tim Martin, saying the country's problems with binge drinking are not caused by pub chains like his selling super strong beers at super low prices but is in fact celebrities and sportspeople's fault for drinking to excess in a public arena. I imagine there is a long line of journo's waiting to out the flaws in his arguments, especially coming from the man who brought the "pile it high, sell it low" retail ethos to the drinks and leisure sector.

Tim Martin
The MD of Wetherspoons and his hair cut were left to mullet over

Have a good weekend.

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