14th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 14 April 08

Andy's choice for good and bad PR... hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Good PR
British Plod in London are planning to pop GPS tracking systems somewhere on the equipment/uniform of their entire force in an effort to help the response planners to identify the closest unit to an incident to they can respond really fast.

Sounds a really good idea... lets hope the Freedom of Information Laws will mean we can get copies of the maps at snapshots in time as they will probably be comedy genius, i.e. loads of little red dots depicting police people placed around the Dunking Donuts store at Paddington Train Station.

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The Future for UK Plod

Bad PR
The American government does not have enough to do so someone in power set the Government Audot Office (similar to the UK's National Audit Office) the task of looking at what military items can be bought online... the thinking behind it was that it could be a source of joy for terrorists looking for equipment. So, American investigators apparently went "undercover" (online?!) to see what they could buy.

The report came out a few days ago and gave a good old poke to Ebay and also Craiglist saying that the undercover people had been able to buy items that could be used by those who blow shizzle up.

When the details of the report came out it turns out they only bought a few bits of old military uniform and body armour (available from most military shops). In addition the Government went to town on the ability for terrorists to by things called MRE's... this stands for Meals Ready to Eat. I am told by friends in the army that MRE's are possibly the most horrible things you can ever eat and if anything would help defeat those pesky terrorists.

More bad PR for the American Government.

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