10th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations Thursday 10 April 2008

I am stealing the Good PR Bad PR limelight nowadays...

Good PR
Politicians have a tough time of it in the press and it takes something odd to raise their reputation. Taking John Prescott as the example, he was largely unliked until he became a "have a go hero" and biffed an egg thrower in the face... he was then made into some form of hero. Step forward the mild mannered Jack Straw. Straw is alleged to have threatened to punch one of Gordy Brown's Bright Young Things, Ed Balls (no, that is his real name) having had a run in with him over something.

Bad PR
Gordon Brown is having a nightmare at the minute. The Economy is in bits, his cabinet is rowing, he it getting the mick taken for his attempt at using Twitter and during all of this he decides now is the time to bow to pressure from his colleagues and try to soften his image. What medium does he use to try and show his softer side? American Idol....? I don't know either. Apparently he made a pledge that the UK would buy some malaria nets during the American Idol "giving something back" show. The net result (see what I did there) is that PR people across the globe cringed as they watched it!

Moving on, want to see something funny that Gordy did? Here is he, picking his schnozzle in parliament...

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