12th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - Thursday 12th of June

Andy's choice, written whilst on a mammouth 4 hour train journey.

Good PR
The Apprentice. Not yet seen the official viewing figures but Sir Alan did it again! I really did umm and arr about if I should put this in the Bad PR section, just because Sir Alan did choose a winner in Lee who had fibbed on his CV and what kind of message does this send out to other young business people starting out in their careers? Thinking about it though, as Sir Alan said, we have all ammended a few things here and there on our CV's so maybe Lee is just representative of a wider society.

I am really pleased Lee won, a proper grafter, although I did secretly want Alex to win and you could see the genuine disappointment when he (Alex) cried at the end. As for Clare, as Sir Alan says, she will be alright, and Karen Brady did say she would take her on if he didn't.

PR Agency
Lee, Winner of The Apprentice

Bad PR
More data loss and theft nightmares this week. First up, my rugby shirt provider of choice, Cotton Traders, had its website "hacked" (horrible word) and all the card details of its customers have apparently been stolen. I have yet to recieve a communication from Cotton Traders, which worries me slightly, and shows that they maybe have their head buried in the sand a bit?

Cotton Traders should be out there, engaging with the media, explaining what happened and reassuring its customers.

The second bad news was some ironically entitled "intelligence" analyst who left a "secret dossier" giving detals about the terror risk in the UK, on a Tube! What a numpty...

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