22nd May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations Thursday 22 May

Andy's choice

Good PR
Russian Politics. All to often we forget that the Russians are a fun loving nation, ready for a giggle at any opportunity. Former chess boffin and now wannabe politician Gary Kasperov was talking during an anti-Kremlin meeting when some pro-Kremlin pranksters flew a toy helicopter shaped to look like a penis right through the meeting room and straight for his head.

If it was not for an eagle eyed security guard who took the jellywobbler out with a left hook it would have planted the said tinky-winky right on Kasperov's bonce.

God love those crazy Russians.

Bad PR
GE Money... got caught bullying people with debts via their collectors over in Oz and have been forced to pay out gazillions in compensation. Now consumer groups from across the globe are watching to see if they can take them to court in their respective countries.

Bad news for GE and maybe a few other banks who are guilty of similar practices?

GE Money
Bad PR for GE Money

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