20th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - Tuesday 20 May 2008

Andy in the hot seat.

Good PR
BBC's iPlayer has apparently had over 21m requests for streamed items over the last ONE!!! month. That is a phenomenal figure and probably exactly the reason why ISP's are moaning that they need fatter interweb pipes because they cannot get all the data through the exsiting ones.

ITV and other TV rivals must be quite peeved that the BBC's iPlayer is getting so much favourable press, especially as its R&D has basically been state funded by the licence fee payer.

Bad PR
Bad for Joey Barton, good for the legal system. Whilst most other premiership footballers will be off sunning themselves in far flung destinations, Newcastle United's Joey Barton will be banged up in prison for 6 months (out after 3). He admitted he was guilty to charges of assault and affray to a Liverpool court and is now in the slammer doing the time for his crime.

Apparently he was banged to rights because plod had him on CCTV. In a particularly nice touch, he handed his jewellery (allegedly a sovereign ring and maybe a hoop ear-ring big enough to get a police dog through) to members of his family, from his position on the stand, before he was "taken down". He should have kept them for bribery purposes, or maybe he was worried about not being able to protect his ring in his new environment?

Soveriegn Ring
Joey Barton handed over his ring*

*not to a man named Bubba

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