19th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad Public Relations - Wednesday 18th June 2008

Andy's choice...

Good PR
Louise Casey, the former head of Tony Blair's Respect task force has come up with some criminal reform proposals that actually sound like they could work. As part of her report on how to reform criminals two proposals have specifically caught my eye; she has suggested that posters of criminals who have been convicted for social offences be put up around their home towns and also that convicted criminals carrying out Community Service be made to wear bright bibs or uniforms.

I suspect the Liberty and Human Rights Groups will be all over this to try and stop it ever coming into force, but you never know...

The media has been reporting on this all morning and I think it is finally some good PR for a Government backed Task Force.

Bad PR
Princess Eugenie got caught running round her school field naked... No, not another bit of celebrity public relations gone wrong, but just an end of term prank. Nothing sinister at all, just an example of how Royals cannot do anything without fear of the media watching... get ready for the pics, or a film, to appear on YouTube next!

10 Yetis Celebrity Public Relations Agency
Princess Eugenie - Soon to be nicknamed "The Naked Princess" by the Tab's

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