21st Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good and Bad - Thursday 21 February 2008

Andy is here to deliver the good and bad news info...

Good PR
Tesco for speaking out about alcohol pricing. Most of the nationals who have covered this has been keen to mention that Tesco sells cheap alcohol and is a cause of the binge drinking problem. The way I see it, Tesco has no option but to keep prices low in order to maintain its competitive advantage. Speaking out is a huge step and they should be commended.

British Gas
No wonder no-one can find Sid, he is in the Maldives with his Millions

Bad PR
British Gas puts its prices up, then a few months later announces a 500% increase in profits. This can only mean one thing... front page negative headlines! This also means that the Directors don't listen to their senior comms people who are no doubt fire fighting more than Red Adair today.

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