11th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good & Bad Examples of PR - Monday 11 February

Grand Master Flash Is Back in the Hot Seat... today's Good and Bad PR choices from Andy

Good PR
The Fire Brigade. Over the last year there has been dribs and drabs of stories coming out that yoof's in hoodeez have been attacking the brave lads and lasses who jump into fires and rescue people. More to the point they have been attacked whilst on the job (not in that way). The Fire Brigade Union has got its shizzle together and built up montage* of CCTV footage showing dirty punks attacking fire fighters and released it to the press today. A fantastic example of the power of a concerted and well planned out media campaign. Personally, I would turn the high pressure hoses on the little buzzards.

Anti Social Behaviour Order or HosePiped back onto the straight and narrow - which works better?

Bad PR
The MicroHoo acquisition looks like it could be long, drawn out and splashed across the media saga. The FT (bought it by accident, I thought it was a colouring book) is carrying details of how Microsnot is planning to go direct to Yahsnooze Silicon Valley financial backers if Yahoo don't accept there bid. Dont know about you but I don't fancy another 2 years of this story dominating the global business media.

*Even Rocky had a Montage!

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