11th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good & Bad Examples of Public Relations Friday 11th January

Managed an entire week! Lets hope we can keep it up...

Here are today's examples of good and bad public relations, chosen by Andy.

Good PR
Really Pains me to say it because I am not a fan of this team but hats off to Man Utd who have announced record profits of £60m this year and now only Real Madrid stands in their way when it comes to football related profits.
Oh yeah, and a second one... Great PR for KashFlow as they have announced Lord Young is to be their Chairman. They must have a good PR company on board.

Bad PR
FBI managed to get some of their wire taps (phone bugging for us in the UK) switched off as they did not pay the bill. This has resulted in global piss taking by news outlets.

Freeze Punk - I am here to cut off your phone

Have a great weekend (no Good PR/Bad PR over the weekend).

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