14th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good & Bad Examples of Public Relations Monday 14th January

Second week in and the examples of good and bad public relations are still going strong.

Today's examples, from Andy, are:

Good PR
Cracking PR for the UK & US coastguards after a 61 year old sailor called Alan Thompson got stranded in his boat somewhere off the coast of Bermuda, called his local pub in the UK for them to get help and the international resuce began. Not sure if the good PR is for the pub landlord who had the presence of mind to act quickly, the coastguards for communicating so well together or the shipping tanker that picked the injured sailor up. Either way, good PR today as hundreds of media have ran the story globally.

Pic red Daily Mail
Hain today gone tomorrow

Bad PR
It has to be Labour's Hain. Undeclared funds, clinging on to his role when the best thing for the party's credibility would be to fall on his sword. Fortunately I expect the media will hound him out of office.

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