15th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good & Bad Examples of Public Relations Tuesday 15th January

And here is Tuesday's, from Andy.

Good PR
Nokia is/has apparently developed a phone charger that realises when the phone is charged and turns the charger off. Genius. Good for the environment, good for the life of the battery and good for getting great coverage in the global media. Hats off to the Finnish phone gods.

Bad PR
The International Association of Athletics Federations was always going to be on sticky ground with the media when it came to deciding if Oscar Pistorius and his false legs should be allowed to compete against able bodied athletes. It is no surprise that the organisation is now getting hammered by the press for banning Oscar from competing. No win situation but still bad PR for the IAAF.

Nokia Gives Trees Some Good News

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