16th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good & Bad Examples of Public Relations Wednesday 16th January

Here we are, today's good and bad examples of PR, chosen by Andy

Good PR
Got to go to Daryl Wilcox publishing, owner and MD of the powerful PR tool Features Exec. There has been a great deal of debate within the SME PR sector about which media database agencies enable smaller PR agencies to pay for their services monthly. Recently MediaDisk allowed users to pay monthly leaving the two other big players, Gorkana and Features Exec only allowing annual payments. We got involved with the debate and even blogged about it. Lo and behold the MD of Features Exec, Daryl Wilcox replied on the blog and put over a really credible argument as to why his company has not allowed monthly payments (yet).
Top banana to the guy for popping his head above the parapit and giving us the official line.

Bad PR
The horse racing industry has terrible PR problems at the minute, what with all the match fixing allegations and various jockey's in court over various things. So the racing authorities won't be thanking poor old jockey Denis O'Regan. He received a 14-day ban for finishing a race early because he could not remember how many laps he was supposed to do on his horse. Look out for this one appearing on BBC's Question of Sport, What Happened Next.

Pic Cred: Press Association
Taxi for O'Regan

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