15th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Friday 15th February 2008

Today's choices from Helen

Good PR

More excellent PR for 'Gloucester the Great' today as the Old Spot Inn (who's shares its names with the county's most famous breed of piggy) in Dursley, Gloucestershire has been named best pub in Britain by the Campaign for Real Ale. Now all we need to do is persuade Andy to take us all there for lunch and some cheeky fun time Friday beverages!!!

'Knocking Spots off the Rest'

Bad PR

Oh dear....bad press for the supermarket queens today as they are facing big fines and a public shaming for using their super size to bully suppliers into getting a bum deal.

Tesco, Asda, Sainburys and Morrisons are all in the firing line guilty of 'sharp practices' which include charging suppliers for shelf space and raising consumer prices to increase profits. Amid concerns that the big guns have a stranglehold on shoppers an inquiry has been made by the competition commission which intends to stop the dominance of 'Tesco towns'. Eekkkk!!!! I think i might shop at the Co-op in future at least is all about fair trade!!!

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