23rd May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Friday 23rd May 2008

Todays Good and Bad PR, brought to you by Emma...

Bad PR:
This one's only bad for us 'lower-class, wrong-headed, irresponsible and insulting" citizens...

Apparently, according to Dr. Charlton (reader in evolutionary psychiatry at Newcastle uni) the lower-class don't have the "significantly higher average IQ that upper-class citizens have"!! What a joke....Sir Alan Sugar, as an example, grew up on a council estate, with £100 of Post Office savings to put towards his business venture. In his own words, "There's nothing stopping anybody in this country from doing exactly what I have done, it's no secret that I started with absolutely nothing."

We say *#!!?@#*!#*!* to these statistics!!!

Good PR:
Now, this HAS to go to an unknown photographer, named the craziest daredevil around..!!

Onlookers watched as this man jumped 8ft from one rock in the Gran Canyon to another, with at least a 1 kilometre drop below him! With his flip flops on, a camera tucked under one arm, he leapt, fell at least 1 metre, clutched onto a rock, stumbled to his feet and then took a picture of the sunset...apparently looking completely calm the whole time!

10 Yetis are obviously willing to go to extraordinary lengths in the name of work...but this fella even puts us to shame!

He was obviously feeling invincible after his 6 cans of beer...

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