08th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Friday 8th Febraury 2008

Today's choices from Helen

Good PR

A shout out to our home shire this morning after villagers in Chalford, Gloucs have asked for some helping hooves to shift their shopping. Locals have asked the council for a grant to buy donkeys after being fed up of making complete asses out of themselves whilst hauling their shopping up the steep 100 yard Rack Hill. More than 30 residents cannot reach their homes by car, and the donkeys are an eco-friendly alternative to new roads. Now the whole village is breying about it!!!

Bad PR

The Archbishop of Canterbury has faced a complete ear bashing after he called for Britain to accept some parts of Islamic Sharia law.
Dr Rowan Williams stated there should be a set of rules for Muslims and another for everyone else. His outburst has been canned as a 'victory for terrorism' and sparked an unholy row with Downing Street who claim all UK citizens must be subject to British laws. Eekkkk!!!

This headline just says it all....

"10 Yetis...Never one to bash the bishop"

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