20th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Thursday 20th March 2008

Well there's no getting rid of me now is there....back again for another Good Vs Bad PR shindig!!!!!

Good PR

Congratulations to M&S, their underpanties have come top of a survey by consumer watchdog Which?. The super duper £5 bargin boxers thrashed Calvin Klein's 'let's get laid' bad boys who came, er, bottom of the pile....not just unlucky in love then!!!

"These aren't just underpants, these are M&S underpants"

Bad PR

A bad dish of PR for transport infrastructure in the UK this Easter as massive traffic jams and rail delays topped with some freezing weather are set to make travelling an absolute nightmare. More than 16 million cars are predicted to be on the road during the four day break, not to mention all the Easter bunnies so long delays are expected. Engineering works and reduced services will also disrupt rail users...couldn't have come at a better time could it??!!!

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