12th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Tuesday 12th February 2008

Today's choices by Helen

Good PR

Let's give Miss Winehouse a mention after her Grammys glory, winning a record breaking five awards. Clearly 'rehab' has never been hotter in Hollywood, and ironically thats exactly where the singer was in the days prior to the award ceremony. Amy was noticably 'back to black' and appeared to be putting her past problems and her hideous blonde bombshell hair behind her. She performed at a studio in England via satellite during the awards' telecast, looking healthier than she has done in weeks. Lets hope the troubled star keeps on the straight and narrow, fingers crossed for the Bond track!!!

Bad PR

Bad press for rivals Oxford and Cambridge this morning as they appear to share common ground when it comes to snubbing strapped students. The universities were slammed for admitting only one in ten students from poorer working class backgrounds, compared to one in five at other establishments. Higher education Minister, Bill Rammell said there is "no excuse" for such a scandal and no institution should "wash its hands" of the need to enroll the underprivileged. Campuses are now being called to be "more representative" of society.

'The Calibre of Oxford and Cambridge's Finest New Freshers in Action'

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