04th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Tuesday 4th March 2008

Today's choices by Helen, who is back by popular demand....

Good PR

Props for piggies today, as Winnie the pig is trotting to Westminster to hold a protest demonstration at the falling price of pork. Winnie is a seasoned pig protest professional and PR coverage gaining genuis. Hundreds of farmers will be joining her, claiming that the industry is in meltdown. With so many farmers quitting, there may be a pork (and sunday roast) shortage by the end of the year due to the falling numbers of piggies being sent to market. A petition calling for support for pig farmers will also be presented to Downing Street.

'Winnie...worth more than just a pound of bacon' (pic cred BBC)

Bad PR

Greedy energy firms are under fire today in the aftermath of annoucing record profits thanks to soaring gas and electricity bills. Companies have now been told by the Government to hand money back to the poor or face a new tax (very Robin Hood esq). Thousands of OAP's are killed by the cold every year and I'm quite sure I'm not far from joining them after spending the past month freezing to death in my little flat (cue the violins), too tight to turn up the heat. Yeti fur just isn't warm enough, lets hope we can start hotting things up very soon...pray for price cuts people!

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